Friday, March 27, 2009

Underdogs Unite - How It Works

You came! We were waiting for you. There are more of us than you'd expect, you know...

Did a well meaning friend nominate you for an award? Or did you nominate yourself one night after a few two many...of something...and far too few expectations for actual results?

Then you've come to the right place.

Quite a bit of great online content goes unread - and how can people vote for your talent if they don't know about it?

Here at Underdogs Unite, we just list award nominations, but see the sidebar for other places to "unmask."

Here's how it works:

1. Send the following items to

  • Website name
  • Website link
  • Award nomination(s)
  • Award nomination link(s)
  • 1-3 posts (titles and links) per award that you think represents "why" you deserve votes
  • Suggestions for other places to unmask (see sidebar)

2. In 24-48 hours, your links will appear in "Today's Underdogs"

3. Your site link will be added to the sidebar

4. Your award nomination will be added the running daily list in alphabetical order

5. You will vote for every Underdog on the running list (and they will vote for you). This is not mandatory or monitored or anything, but lack of participation is frowned upon.

6. Follow this blog and vote for all new Underdogs that sign up

7. Add a button to your sidebar (you will receive the code via e-mail when you sign up)

Don't sell yourself short. You're not your only biggest fan. At least not after joining us.

Welcome to the small time.

UPDATE from 04/01/09 (and no - it's not a April Fools Day joke):

Okay - so while all of the encouraging comments and e-mails I've been getting at The Big Piece of Cake are really sweet and SOOOO appreciated... Become an Underdog already!

Responses that I've gotten to this suggestion include:
1. No one has nominated me for anything
2. My blog isn't good enough to be nominated for anything
3. I'm such an underdog I haven't even been nominated for anything


Now - if you read the original post from TBPOC, you may remember that I NOMINATED MYSELF for something. True - one of my friends nominated me for something else first - but she's like my personal life cheerleader. So it's not like random strangers online are saying, "The Big Piece of Cake is the best blog out there - it for sure deserves to win an award!"

Does anyone really take blog awards seriously? Okay - maybe they do...but Underdogs don't! Underdogs treat them as a means of personal empowerment (warning - I'm about to get all new agey on you). Don't wait for someone to tell you that you're worthy - YOU tell them that you are. And putting yourself out there online is a fast and easy way to do it.

It's all very The Secret. You have to send a message out to the universe - and then really believe in it. And the universe is an avid blog reader. So you already have a head start there... NEXT, get the universe's attention by pasting some html into your sidebar. Display your nomination button with pride. EVERYONE on this site will vote for you - so that's two votes right there (three if you vote for yourself - which you damn well BETTER, if you want the universe to take you seriously).

SO nominate yourself.

OR if you're feeling shy - ask a friend to nominate you.

OR if you have far too much pride for that, I'LL nominate you and it will be our dirty little secret.

So come ON already! Be an Underdog. Everyone is doing it. Well - apparently NOT at the moment - but I can hear the crowd thundering in the distance....


  1. Love this - welcome to the small time, indeed!

  2. You are too darn cute! Love this site. I am so voting for you x2!

  3. I so totally voted for you!!! (PS - You have way more than two or three votes...yay!)

  4. I never considered myself an underdog.....until I read your description.
    I suppose I am because....

    1. No one has nominated me for anything
    2. My blog isn't good enough to be nominated for anything
    3. I'm such an underdog I haven't even nominated myself for anything
    4. I don't know of anything to be nominated for
    5. I don't know where or how one would ever go about finding anything to be nominated for.....okay maybe google it?
    I's 1:26....I haven't had lunch yet....and now I'm sad because I just found out I'm most likely the biggest underdog of all.
    I thimk I need chocolate.....

  5. I don't even know how to nominate myself or anyone else.

    I don't even know how to become an underdog.


    please help (said it soft, pleading voice)

  6. Hmm. I guess I have to figure out which category I should nominate my blog for. Too bad there isn't a category for "Disappearing Blog" or "Inconsistent Identity Blog) because I'd be good at that. :)

  7. This is great! I would love to participate!

  8. Love, love, love it! Just send you my email, grabbing my button and looking for an old sheet to sew into a cape...