Thursday, April 23, 2009

The First Underdog Shout Out Request AND Underdog Award

Here at Underdogs Unite, we welcome any and all Underdog-related requests. Want to get on the "vote for us" awards list? Great! Want to announce a giveaway, fundraiser or general need for support? No problem! Anything else? Let us know!

Well we just got a new "anything else" request. Eskimo Bob of Eskimo Bob Lives would like to proclaim his own site "The Blog with the Eskimosest" (try to say that five times, really fast).

Apparently, he's not officially nominated for any awards and decided to make his own. WE LIKE THAT. It falls in line nicely with an idea that has been tossed around lately for our own Underdog Awards.

But back to Bob. While I would would typically want to open up this award suggestion to some friendly competition, I have no idea who else would claim the title of "The Blog with the Eskimosest." So I'm making the executive decision to bestow this first official Underdog Award on Eskimo Bob (using Eskimo Bob's own personal avatar of course, since it's HIS award):

The Blog with the Eskimosest

Congratulations Bob - we can't think of anyone more deserving of this honor. And just to complete the shout out...Make sure to visit Eskimo Bob at Eskimo Bob Lives!

Check back soon for more Underdogs AND Underdog Awards!


  1. WOW - Thank you. Thank you. I will not disappoint you! This is a surprise - I had no idea [delusional laughter] that something like this would happen. I'm not prepared. [pulls out lengthy roll of paper]

    I would like to thank the following people:

    . . . . [four hours later]
    The Country of Zaire.
    And my 1st dog - Sparky. I still love you. I love you all!

  2. I don't want an award (not that I should get one either) but this made me smile. Thanks.

  3. This is hysterical! love it and congrats Eskimo Bob!