Monday, May 4, 2009

2009 Underdog Awards Announced

And now the moment that you've all been waiting for! The official 2009 Underdog Awards are open for nominations.

And they are:

1. Most Prolific Poster

2. Most Enthusiastic Commenter

3. Most Likely to Become a "Famous" Blogger (whatever that means)

4. Most Likely to Gain 500 Followers After Threatening to Stop Blogging OR After a Major Blog Scandal (whatever that means)

5. Most Likely to Get Drunk and/or Cry within the First Five Minutes of BlogHer (or at home during the week of BlogHer)

6. Most Confusing Aliases for Family Members

7. Most Likely to Overuse the Term "Hubby," "Hubs," or Something Even Cuter

8. Most TMI

9. Most Mommy TMI

10. Worst Potty Mouth

11. Best Accent

12. Most Likly to Make Spellings Errors in Coments

13. Most Blatantly Asking for an Award

14. Most Pathalogical Stalker

And we're stopping there. Because quite honestly - who knows if anyone will even nominate themselves for any of them. Will the stalkers really out themselves? Only time will tell...

SO - how to enter and vote...

The process is incredibly simple. No need to create an account, no passwords, no red tape of any kind!

To nominate a site for one of these awards (and YES you can nominate yourself), just send an e-mail to

A daily* post will include all of the nominees.

To vote for one of the nominees, just send an e-mail to

All votes will be placed and tallied in a highly sophisticated Excel spreadsheet. Yes - that's right, the Underdogs are nothing if we're not on the cutting edge of technology. All I have to say is that my fourteen years as an office drone are FINALLY paying off.

So let the voting begin! We'll keep this open through the summer. Or until it gets really tedious and everyone is sick of it. You know - whichever comes first.

So send in those nominations and votes! Otherwise this will be an embarrassing waste of time - which would technically be in keeping with the whole underdog theme... But we can change that! Right here. Right now. One vote at a time.

*"Daily" can be loosely interpreted as every day. Or every other day. Or maybe once in a week if things are really busy at the office. So don't have any unrealistic expectations for my use of the word "daily." Seriously - I'm an Underdog - not Wonder Woman.


  1. Awesome list. I see at least one I have to nominate myself for.

  2. This list totally rocks, and it made me smile this morning (I needed that). I'll have to give these some thought... :)