Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Underdog Shout Out Award: Best Ex-Model Who Wears Lots of Eye Shadow And Sings Like A Rock Star

Okay - now THIS one is next to impossible to fit on a button...

But I'm nothing if I'm not up to a challenge.

And I found inspiration for this self-claimed title on the blog itself:


What says "Best Ex-Model Who Wears Lots of Eyeshadow and Sings Like a Rockstar" better than an actual head shot. Especially one as bad ass as this!

Shawn is the face of this award, and you can find her at SWANEESINGER.

Get to know Shawn:

A Long Time Ago, In a State Far, Far Away
(who doesn't love looking at prom pictures??)

Don't Much Like Sauerkraut
(and you think she looks like a tough cookie now...)

Expeditions in the Front Yard
(yes, more pictures...what do you expect - she's a model!)

Welcome to Underdogs Unite, Shawn! You will hold this award until 2010 when it will be up for grabs again. So all of you blogging ex-models, caking on eyeshadow and blowing crowds away with your rocker song stylings - get ready to duke it out with Shawn next year.

And I must say, good luck to you...


  1. YOU ROCK! No----YOU ROCK!!

    Thank you for this great award! This made my DAY---MY UNIVERSE! You are AWESOME!

    I am feeling like a true UNDERDOG NOW!


  2. I love Shawn's blog, and I love this award! Woo-hoo!

  3. That's totally my mom. She's pretty awesome!

  4. Shawn, this is truly AMAZING! You rock woman!