Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Underdog Shout Out Award: Perfect Attendance

A longtime friend to Underdogs Unite (you know - for all five weeks that we've been in existance) has claimed another Underdog Award!

Anastasia from The Gift, promised to write every day for a year when she started her blog last June. While she hasn't reached the finish line just yet, we'll give her the benefit of the doubt. We know she can do it!

So congratulations Anastasia! You are the 2009 winner of the:


Some of her daily best:

Outsleeping Your Spouse

The Right Thing

Don't Touch

Welcome to Underdogs Unite, Anastasia! You will hold this award until 2010 when it will be up for grabs again. All you blogging teacher's pets will just have to wait until the next semester of awards...for now The Gift claims this honor.


  1. welcome to the club!

    way to go....

  2. Welcome to the club from me, too! Have written every day since June 24, I believe...


  3. Thank you ladies! It's an honor to be nominated. Everyday for almost a year...I'm in the home stretch.