Thursday, July 9, 2009

Underdog Giveaway: Brüno T-Shirts and More!

Are you excited for Brüno?

Jeve is! (are? - not sure...there are two of them...)

Anyway - July's Gay Daddy of the Month feature also includes a giveaway for in honor of its recipient:

Grand Prize:
Brüno backpack, Brüno Face T-shirt, “Get Uber It” T-shirt

First Runner Up Prize:
Brüno hat, “Ich Don’t Zink So” T-shirt

Second Runner Up Prize:
Brüno Title Treatment T-shirt, “Nicht, Nicht” T-shirt

Entries will be taken through Monday, July 20. CLICK HERE for details!


  1. Bruno give a way..cracks me up

  2. Incredible GIVEAWAY-- thanks for the heads-up! Have you been to Bruno's MeinSpace? What a riot!