Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 2009 Underdog Awards

A couple of weeks ago, I started talking about adding some Underdog-specific Awards to this site. A League of Our Own, so to speak...

So I've been trying to come up with award ideas.

Pearl gave me some suggestions when she signed on as an Underdog last week: "Most Likely to Re-Offend, Mostly Likely to Stalk, Best Use of Spell Check, Most Obviously in Violation..." and "don't forget Most Likely to Post Nekkid." I think she's a genius.

Here are the ones I made up:

Most Prolific Poster

Most Likely to Tag Dooce for a Meme

Most Self-Congratulatory Parenting Advice

Most Enthusiastic Commenter

Most Likely to Become a "Famous" Blogger (whatever that means)

Most Likely to Gain 500 Followers After Threatening to Stop Blogging OR After a Major Blog Scandal (whatever that means)

Most Likely to Get Drunk and/or Cry within the First Five Minutes of BlogHer (or at home during the week of BlogHer)

Most Confusing Aliases for Family Members

Most Likely to Overuse the Term "Hubby," "Hubs," or Something Even Cuter

Most TMI

Worst Potty Mouth

Best Accent

Best Hair

Best Dancer

Best Dressed

Too snarky? (That's a question - not an award.)

Am I forgetting anything? Suggestions are welcome. Just comment or e-mail me at

I'll get this organized by next week, so stay tuned for more details. In the meantime - don't forget to VOTE for each other (you know - for the real awards) and send more Underdogs this way.

Anything goes here - so if you want to promote anything (including yourself), just let me know!


  1. Excellent. I look forward to accusing - uh, electing my fellow bloggers!

  2. Fabulous ideas, all around. Can't wait. And I've voted for every single underdog so far - of course - and will continue to do the same. Reciprocity, people! Reciprocity!!!

  3. I love the "Most Confusing Alias for Family members! Sometimes it gets way too confusing..Let's see there's Doc, Sneezy, Dopy, Bashful, Sleepy, Grumpy, and Happy....

    Love your humor

  4. I also suggest the 'Non-Award'. You know - kind of like the kid with the hood over his head in Algebra class that no one talks to. The 'Non-Award' is just basically an attendance sheet.

    "Yup - they showed up."

    The best thing about it - I think - is that there won't need to be an award made. Hey - today you got the 'Non-Award'. Keep it up.

  5. Ooh these are good. And I love Bob's idea of a Non-Award.

  6. Zoolander Award for making up words ie...philosophizer.

    Most likely to Melt Down.

    BILTF - Yeah, it's that good...

    Peace - Rene

  7. **gets comfy with bowl of popcorn**