Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Second Underdog (04/01/09) AND a Word from Our Sponsor

Want to be an Underdog? Read how it works.

Introducing the SECOND Underdog (oh what a surprise...):

A Lil' Welsh Rarebit
Nominated for:
Blogger's Choice '09 Best Blog About Stuff (
Why you should vote for A Lil' Welsh Rarebit:
This is a blog about all kinds of stuff - from where to meet cute men, to what it's like to exercise in my house, about the perils of pregnancy, and even about cool things I find online.
Where to Meet Cute British Men Tomorrow

Getting Kissed and Sniffed by a Labrador Isn't Your Idea of Exercise?
Warning! Post Partum Hobbit-Like Feet Ugliness
The Coolest Thing Ever
Suggested place to "unmask":

Check back soon for more Underdogs!

And now a word from our Sponsor:

Okay - so while all of the encouraging comments and e-mails I've been getting at The Big Piece of Cake are really sweet and SOOOO appreciated... Become an Underdog already!

Responses that I've gotten to this suggestion include:
1. No one has nominated me for anything
2. My blog isn't good enough to be nominated for anything
3. I'm such an underdog I haven't even been nominated for anything


Now - if you read the original post from TBPOC, you may remember that I NOMINATED MYSELF for something. True - one of my friends nominated me for something else first - but she's like my personal life cheerleader. So it's not like random strangers online are saying, "The Big Piece of Cake is the best blog out there - it for sure deserves to win an award!"

Does anyone really take blog awards seriously? Okay - maybe they do...but Underdogs don't! Underdogs treat them as a means of personal empowerment (warning - I'm about to get all new agey on you). Don't wait for someone to tell you that you're worthy - YOU tell them that you are. And putting yourself out there online is a fast and easy way to do it.

It's all very The Secret. You have to send a message out to the universe - and then really believe in it. And the universe is an avid blog reader. So you already have a head start there... NEXT, get the universe's attention by pasting some html into your sidebar. Display your nomination button with pride. EVERYONE on this site will vote for you - so that's two votes right there (three if you vote for yourself - which you damn well BETTER, if you want the universe to take you seriously).

SO nominate yourself.

OR if you're feeling shy - ask a friend to nominate you.

OR if you have far too much pride for that, I'LL nominate you and it will be our dirty little secret.

So come ON already! Be an Underdog. Everyone is doing it. Well - apparently NOT at the moment - but I can hear the crowd thundering in the distance....


  1. Vote for me! Like me!

    AND if you want to be nominated for anything at all, drop me an email and I'll never tell a soul and I'll nominate and vote for you too!

  2. I totally heart your post! Love "The Secret" reference... you have inspired me! I may do some self -nominating this weekend!

  3. I'm IN! I always seem to gravitate to the Underdogs or any "Road Less Traveled". Thanks for doing this!