Monday, May 18, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion is Fine if It's Warranted

Since Underdogs are either unknown or under appreciated (or both), shameless self promotion can become a necessary evil or an occupational hazard (or both).

But I'm all for shameless self promotion if it delivers what it promises.

That established, I feel perfectly comfortable in shamelessly promoting the hell out of myself. Or in this case, my husband.

Chris just started a new food blog called Dad Can Cook. He is one of those rare man's man types who also has some rather uncharacteristic interests. He doesn't just love food - he also loves cooking.

Which is great because while I can definitely cook (and I kind of kick ass at it if I do say so myself), I don't particularly like doing it. I like THE IDEA of playing chef, but the lack of time, energy and pleasant kitchen environment (think cramped galley with few amenities) kind of kills any creative urges I might get to whip up a soufflé.

So back to Chris' blog.

He is going to talk about recipes and experiments, review various and sundry Food Network shows and their self-proclaimed gurus, and try to be funny while doing so. I say "try" because his guy humor sometimes falls flat with me. (I said he's a man's man type didn't I?)

If you catch his first post (today), click on the links. These really did make me laugh!

Want to shamelessly promote yourself? E-mail!


  1. I look forward to checking out dan can cook. I have tagged you for a fun little game over at

    Hope you can play.


  2. This is great! I'll tell my hubby. he is the "cook" of the family too!