Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Underdogs LOVE Being Tagged for Memes

Actually - I have to admit, I've generally avoided memes since my writing style could be called...thorough? So really, a "25 Things About Me" meme translates in to "25 minutes of your life you'll never get back."

Anyone who reads The Big Piece of Cake will run screaming if I announce that I'm posting 25 things about me.

BUT, that said, Kelly from Kelly's Ideas (as well as I've Become My Mother) tagged Underdogs for nice short one. So I'm game.

I will post two truths and one lie and then you are suppose to figure out the lie. Since I'm not writing as Kate, but instead as the representative of Underdogs, this will be a little big harder...I'll have to limit my statements to the very short life of this new website...

1. I got the idea to start this site when a good friend nominated me for Best Parenting Blog. While I truly appreciated the gesture, I thought it was a bit silly since I couldn't imagine that I'd get more than a handful of votes. But then I considered that there were many more "Underdogs" out there - and that we could all vote for each other. Even if it just added a handful more - hey why not. We'll take what we can get!

2. The ever-enthusiastic Christy is the first Underdog to join as well as the inspiration for this whole thing. Her nomination for The Big Piece of Cake and her belief that anything is possible can't be stopped. She is a force to be reckoned with...

3. Anyone can join Underdogs - even Dooce because in theory, we accept everyone who considers themselves Underdogs no matter how "popular" we may deem them. But of course, we do tend to think of ourselves as the low men on the totem pole. Luckily Dooce has not contacted Underdogs as of yet, so we have been able to avoid any awkwardness there.

Who to tag now? All of the Underdogs of Course (both on the side bar and IRL). Consider yourself "it"!


  1. They all sound very truthful...so here is my guess #1.... or is it #2???
    Thanks for playing!


  2. Hmmmm...am I allowed to comment here? If so, I will. Let me know!

  3. I'm totally stumped...they all kind of sound true. My best guess is that #2 is the lie. When will we find out???