Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Underdog Giveaway: Gorgeous Headgear from Andrea's Beau

We haven't gotten many of I'll remind all of you Underdogs hosting giveaways that you are free to announce them here!

This is one from The Big Piece of Cake (me).

An additional entry will be offered to anyone who comments that they came from Underdogs Unite (this doesn't preclude you from claiming any number of other other chances to win additional entries - I've lost count, so I may as well keep going...)

So the Underdogs now have an edge on the competition (as is my mission know, if I had an actual mission...)

Andrea of Andrea's Beau is giving this charming little pretty away to one of my lucky BPOC commenters:

AND the winner can select their choice of color:

Visit my other site for giveaway details, but here are the swoon-worthy images I included:

Good luck to everyone who enters!

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