Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Underdog Pass it On Award: Strength & Courage

There are so many strong and courageous people in the world, and we meet many of them online. These people have stories of tragedy, obstacles, hardship and sometimes sorrow - and they choose to share them with us.

I don't know about you, but I am honored by this.

I have had the pleasure of actually meeting one of these online friends, and she is just as lovely and charming in person as she is in her writing. Katie Terry from My Hotwheels has been in a wheelchair since a car accident seven years ago.

Right after the accident she discovered that she was pregnant with her second child. Since then, she has raised two kids as a single mom, taken up competitive handcycling, skied, revisited her former favorite school sport (a huge part of her college identity) with wheelchair basketball, water skied, continued to join her family for all outdoor activities like hardcore sledding and mountain water sliding, and still manages to look like a teenager when she rocks her bikini at the beach.

Sports and adventure are a huge part of Katie's life, and she hasn't let anything silly like a wheelchair get in the way of that!

We meet people like Katie online every day. People who face life changing challenges and find the strength and courage to keep going, continue to do the things they love and never let anything break their spirit. They make anything seem possible - and I think they deserve an Underdogs award since really - they are the biggest Underdog heroes out there.

Since Katie was the inspiration for this award, we're giving it to her. And she can pass it on at anytime. This award is available to anyone who deserves it. No voting, and no relinquishing - this is one to keep.

Just one rule: anyone who gets the award must link back to this post on Underdogs when they display it. But that's it - otherwise, it's up for grabs - so feel free to pass it on to anyone!


Welcome to Underdogs Unite Katie!


  1. you're the best!



  2. What a very inspiring post.. Katie is some gal!!! Way to go, Katie!