Monday, June 15, 2009

Auction for Carol - Only One More Day!

I found this incredible story on Great Full Day last night.

Last June, Carol Decker had an emergency cesarean section after which she developed life-threatening hypotension from a septic pneumonia infection. During treatment that saved her life she had to have both legs below the knee and her left arm amputated. She is also blind. The already significant medical bills have added up and will continue to do so as she goes through rehabilitation. You can read more about Carol's story on her husband's blog.

To help defray these costs many donors have contributed to a silent auction. I just checked and there are still items with no bids yet. The auction ends tomorrow - and I'd love to send more people their way.

SO - I'm extending my giveaway for the FABULOUS custom Bee Gee bag (I don't know which one the winner will choose - but they're all fabulous, so I can say that) through midnight EST on Tuesday, June 16 (again - THAT'S TOMORROW!)

Everyone who bids on any of the auction items will get another chance to win my giveaway. I will match bids with entries. So if you bid on 3 items, you're name goes into the drawing 3 more times. If there is a bidding war and you bid on one of those three items five times, that's an additional four entries.

AND if you tweet about it or blog about it, or I don't know - whatever you can do to spread the word, I will give you that many entries. I'm not checking anything - it's strictly honor system for Carol. Just get back to me with the total number of entries you should receive by Wednesday the 17th (I know I just said that I'd officially close the giveaway on the 16th...but it will be midnight for god's sake - so give me a little time to update my spreadsheet - sheesh!)

Here are some images of the items up for auction:

I will be reposting this on all of my blogs (I know - I'm like the In Living Color skit about Jamaicans with all of their jobs - "I've got eight blogs mon!") Please, please, please do the same! Even if you can't afford to bid, your efforts to send more people to the auctions will be a huge help.

Now, I'm off to check out the goods...

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  1. wow...what a heart wrenching story. i am off to check it out!