Friday, June 12, 2009

Underdog Shout Out Award: Blogging for Sanity

Here is Underdog Shout Out request #2 for this week. Again - I had to come up with an award (you know - out of my own head - which is very full right now and not as creative as one might hope). So AGAIN - I pulled inspiration from the blog title itself.

Lizz of One Nerve Left (subtitled: The Care and Keeping of One Woman's Sanity) writes about her life as CEO of her household and "perfecting the Art of Imperfection."

Blogging for sanity is something most of us can relate to....but the Underdogs Unite 2009 Blogging for Sanity Award goes to Lizz!


Get to know Lizz:

Giving "The Talk: NOT the talk you would assume

Plus Is A Minus

Friday Freakiness

Welcome to Underdogs Unite, Lizz! You will hold this award until 2010 when it will be up for grabs again. And I for one will be at the front of the line...


  1. Now there is an Award I can relate to.

  2. LMAO!!!!! Uh. Thanks. I accept this award on behalf of crazy bloggers everywhere. I'm not sure if I'm blogging FOR sanity, as in to retain it, or blogging my sanity away. But I'm certainly not alone in this I see, after discovering and reading so many blogs through groups like this.

    Thanks again. I guess I need to dust off the shelf where I keep my other straight jackets and put this with them.

    Please stop by, crazy is no fun unless you share it.