Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Underdog Shout Out Award: Parental Paparazzi

I got a new Underdog Shout Out request this week, but had to come up with my own award ideas. After one look at the blog title and graphics, it was a no brainer.

Ri of Mamarazzi: Chasing Liam devotes her site to all things Liam. It's like his own personal US Weekly (seriously - it's HIM Weekly).

So Ri, you are the official recipient of the Underdogs Unite 2009 Parental Paparazzi Award:


Get to know Ri:

Geppetto's Gingerbread House

I Call Them "Crêpes Internationales de Plaisir"

It Really Is All in the Packaging...

We Build Houses

Welcome to Underdogs Unite, Ri! You will hold this award until 2010 when it will be up for grabs again. And I can think of many other parental paparazzi worthy blogs out this one should attract some competition...

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