Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prime Real Estate - Act Now!

When I created Underdogs Unite a few months ago, I thought it would just be somewhat of a message board to announce award nominations. I wanted to create a community of Underdogs like me who could help each other out.

Since then, I've added other features and even asked other Underdogs to contribute.

While I do love the idea of this site and have had a lot of fun doing it, I just don't have the time to devote to it any longer. Too many real life things going on - so one of my three blogs has to go. And this is going to have to be the one.

BUT - instead of just taking it down, I thought I might offer it up to someone else. Someone who has ideas for ways to improve and expand it (or just keep it exactly the same - because that's fine too). Someone who will have fun with it and encourage others to participate. Because at the end of the day, this site was never supposed to be a personal blog - a one man show. It's supposed to be a community.

SO - if you are interested, let me know by e-mailing me at

If I hear from several people, I'll have to see if there is a way that you can have joint "ownership" (which isn't the worst idea since we're all busy - not just me). Or I could also hand it over to the first to respond, do a drawing, sell it to the highest bidder...(just kidding about that last one of course - unless someone really offers me money - because I can totally be bought).

However that works out, I'll hand over the blogger/g-mail accounts and the new proprietor can change the passwords.

I'll keep this offer open through the end of July. If no one is interested, I'll either take the site offline or possibly let it languish here unloved and unvisited. So it's up to you! Just let me know .

I'm still an Underdog - so I'll be one of the supporters for sure. I'll always visit, comment and even contribute if asked. Thanks again for everything - it's been fun!


  1. It's a sad day in Blogville... Rats! I hardly knew yee! But, it being fun while it lasted, I say thanks for everything, Kate, and nothing but the best of luck and sky's-the-limit wishes to you!

  2. I think I looked at this site as an information thing and just read and moved on. I'm usually pretty good about leaving a word or two on the blogs I read.

    I have been having trouble lately keeping up with the people who for some reason think they need to post daily...even when they really don't have anything interesting to say.

    I'm probably missing the good posts but have started reading what I can when I can and if they are a daily poster...I just catch them on that day.

    People who on a regular basis post more than once a day...icing....I've just about given up to do anything unless it catches my eye.

    Sorry to see you are passing the reins.
    Good Luck to you.

  3. I'll be sorry to see this site go, if that's what happens. It is such a great idea - I hope someone else picks up the reins!

  4. I am sad to see it go. I got my first nomination here! But I understand there's only so many hours in theday. pass the torch is a great idea though. Good for you!

  5. Oh No!! I will truly miss the great work that you do here! Obviously I have been lax in visiting here, as I have had a booger summer and not even enough time to read all the blogs that I want----and I didn't have this site on my blog roll----but its there now, so I hope that someone keeps on doin' it!
    Maybe you just need more contributers?

    I could maybe take on that once in a while....

  6. It is such a great idea - I hope someone else picks up the reins!

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  7. Hey Kate, it's such a great site, why not just add whoever wants to join up? You can give other contributors administrative powers.

    Maybe more people would be interested in a group blog than in taking over another blog.

    Anyway, I am glad I could pop over, even if it's not active anymore.

  8. And a year later....

    Wimps! Get your act together and get this blog back up and running. For serious.


    Sounds like it was a good idea, but oh well. I'm sure there will be more like it!