Monday, June 1, 2009

Only Four More Days Left to Vote!

Remember Shawn - everyone's favorite ex-model?


I know - how could you forget.

Well - she needs your votes!

She is currently one of the finalists for the June Spotlight on Mormon Mommy Blogs (seriously - this is one ex-model who is just FULL of surprises...)

But the poll ends on June 4th - so you have to act now!

Click here and then scroll down a bit on the sidebar to vote. There are no excuses for not doing this - all you have to do is click - no setting up accounts, remembering passwords, signing away the rights to your first born child...Just a click on Swanee Singer.

Good luck Shawn - we're all rooting for you!


  1. I voted for her! Hope she wins!

  2. Thanks Kate----you are amazing!!

    I seriously think I love you! (getting a bit weepy now---sniffle)